Five Minutes with Fella;

Holly Chippindale

Holly Chippindale is a creative powerhouse — an incredibly talented photographer, co-owns her very own furniture brand with her partner, and is constantly seeking new ways to explore her creativity. For the last five years, Holly has travelled the world for her work as a Content Manager, Super 8 Videographer and Film enthusiast within the fashion industry.

Holly has recently shot our Summer 22 Del Sol Collection on the remote island of Sumba, Indonesia, so we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Holly for our Five Minutes series — read on to learn more about Holly and her inspiring life.

Imagery by Holly Chippindale @hollychippindale

How did you get into photography?

I was the Content Creator for Faithfull The Brand for five years, travelling on campaigns, editorials and events during my time. I was so inspired by the incredible calibre of photographers we worked with that I found myself falling in love with shooting film more and more each shoot. I picked up my first professional 35mm film camera & Super8 around five years ago, and the passion has grown exponentially since then.

We hear you have a beautiful furniture company as well, tell us about that?

My partner and I started @houseofslim_ in 2021, after completing our first home renovation in Bali. It’s a beautiful merge between my two loves - nostalgic film & interior design inspired by eras passed. We are currently finalising our second collection influenced by our grandparents, which we really can’t wait to release.

Where in the world is your favourite spot to swim?

I spent three months exploring The Mediterranean last summer, and Croatia was by far my favourite . I had never experienced water and scenery like I had at Brseč Beach, a hidden cove about 30 minutes from Opatija - it was crystal clear and so fresh, a definite bucket list location

The FELLA campaign was shot on the remote island of Sumba. Could you please tell us more about it?

Sumba is a place that really leaves a mark on you. Smiling faces by locals as you past by, secluded tropical beaches and an island which boasts a Robinson Crusoe-esque escape. Our friends at @alamayahsumba & @thesanubari truly gave us the most magical experience of the island, showing us the secret beach of WatuBella and its incredible white limestone cliffs, and dreamy sunset rides on the Sanubari horses. A 1hr flight from Bali; Sumba is not to be missed on your next vacation to Indonesia.

What's your career highlight so far?

I’ve been working on a hardcover book in collaboration with @seeladanse that we captured last summer. I spent 3 months exploring and capturing the Mediterranean and it was filled with so many pinch me moments when staying at the most magical boutique hotels. We partnered with Perivolas Hotel in Santorini, and that was truly a highlight moment. It’s been so nice to have had the opportunity and balance between shooting for brands as well as dream staycations around the world.


I’d love to explore more of Indonesia before I head back to Europe this summer. We are planning a girl's sailing trip to Flores, Indonesia - spending our days snorkelling and visiting the postcard perfect islands. I’ve been wanting to do this trip for what seems like forever, so hoping we get there before June.

Where do you find inspiration?

It has to be travelling for me. If I’m ever feeling dull or lacking that creativeness, I need to get out and experience the world. It can be a weekend getaway, an inter-island escape or international trip - but it truly reignites that spark in me to pick up a camera again and find beauty through a lens.

Currently reading or listening to? (Book, podcast or playlist)

I fell in love with Australian Band, The Jungle Giants on a trip through Costa Rica a few years back. So my boyfriend and best-mate recently crafted a Mid Length surfboard with my favourite album cover of the band as a birthday present. Their ‘Quiet Ferocity’ album has been playing on repeat since.

Favourite local spot?

I’ve lived in Bali for around 6 years now, and a favourite pastime is a low-key Kuta or Legian Beach Day. Surfboards, friends, beers from the esky - it’s really so simple and always a day filled with smiles and good times. If you’re after a relaxed seaside venue, Times Warung is a favourite for brekkies on the beach or casual cocktails with your feet in the sand.

Are there any causes or foundations close to your heart?

My uncle was blind so Guide Dogs Australia has always been at the forefront of our family. He had two beautiful guide dogs during his life, Winston and Tabitha - without their funding, John would not have had the incredibly independent life he lived. Our family has always been so grateful for them and the work they do for this community.


Take risks when opportunities present themselves. My family has always been so supportive of me taking risks in most of my big life decisions. The more I make them, the more I trust in my gut. You win some, you lose some - but overall it’s been an incredible adventure and it’s a mindset I hope to pass down.

Your favourite FELLA swimsuit from the Del Sol Collection?

I’m quite rustic in my colour palette, so I absolutely love the Tobacco colourway. Style wise, the Casanova Top & Franz Bottoms are my ideal combo - perfect to wear from the shores to the beach bar paired with an oversized linen shirt.