Travels with FELLA:

Rosie in Portugal, Part II

Part II of FELLA Co-Founder Rosie Iffla's travels in Portugal, the Alentejo region. We spoke to Rosie about her secluded hideaway stay in the region known as the Provence and Tuscany of Portugal.

Where did you stay?

When I was researching Portugal, this hotel came up and I couldn’t go past the amazing interiors and the interesting, very modern design in — what seemed like — the middle of nowhere. Dá Licença is positioned high on a hill (unusual for the flat region) and has 360-degree view of the Serra d’Ossa forest and castles of Evoramonte and Estremoz. The owners Vitor and Franck, a couple one from France and one from Portugal took over this 15th-Century estate – keeping all its original structural bones but transforming it into what seemed, to me, to be an amazing modern art and furniture gallery. Franck previously owned a very successful art and furniture gallery in Paris, and his touch is noticeable all throughout the shared dining room, five suites, and their personal living quarters.

What did you eat for your daily meals?

Breakfast is served at the property and if you like, you can grab some lunch too. Almost everything is homegrown on the property and served to the guests, or otherwise the produce is locally caught and brought in. From homemade strawberry jam to zucchini flowers, fresh cod and homegrown olives — all of it was delicious.

What is a must-see in the region?

A friend had told me about these infamous “bone” chapels that appear mainly through the Alentejo region. A 30-minute detour en route between Lisbon and Dá Licença took us to the most famous of these eerie chapels in Évora called 'Capela dos Ossos' or Chapel of the Bones. Originally built by monks, an estimated 5000 corpses were exhumed to decorate the walls of the chapel due to a shortage of graveyard space.

Which FELLA sets did you pack in your suitcase?

Our gorgeous Violet seersucker set in the Brad Top + Rick James Bottom, and I couldn't go past the Brad + Mr Smith in the stunning Mirage sunset print.