Style Guide: The Apple Shape

You have a wider torso, broad shoulders, a fuller bust and waist. You may carry weight around your waistline with slim arms, legs and hips relative to your upper body.. The idea is to balance out your proportions, so look for swimwear that highlights your lower body and legs.

Hot Tips

When selecting a two-piece set match a low-cut, underwired bra style with a high-waisted bottom - this will flatter and support a fuller bust, smooth the stomach area and help to define your waist.

Avoid swim pants that sit low on the waist or hips.

Opting for strong colours, detailing and bold prints on your swim pant (relative to your swim top) will also help to emphasise your legs and lower body.

Plunging and low-cut neck-lines will accentuate and celebrate your curves whilst diverting attention away from your mid-section.

Halter-neck, full piece swimwear will flatter and support a fuller bust whilst creating a lengthening visual effect throughout the mid-section.

Opt for thicker shoulder straps, these will support a fuller bust and help to narrow the appearance of the shoulders.

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